Kate Bernardo – Administrative Assistant

Hi! I’m Kate Bernardo, your church administrative assistant. I’ve been with you for over 3 years now and still love the church, the job, and all the wonderful people I get to work with each day, as well as worship with on Sunday’s. Living in this area is truly a gift I treasure each and every day. All of my children are grown; and I am a proud grandmother as of 2015. My passion in my spare time revolves around cards and creating them and teaching classes on how to make cards and promoting the giving of them! This medium of paper quilting is a source of unending enjoyment and the creative process – so much to learn and do. Additionally, nature and anything to do with it from enjoying its beauty to protecting it’s treasures is a very dominant theme in my life. So I continue to look forward to the coming years and learning, working, and growing in my faith and community.

Contact at Kate at kate.uppc@gmail.com