About Us

In 1897, the Presbyterian church was established at 214 Vaughn Avenue. Reorganized in 1943 by the merger of the First Presbyterian Church (founded 1880) and the First Congregational Church (founded 1880), the church functions as one congregation in worship and church life. The church maintains affiliation with, and supports both the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the United Church of Christ. It is now known as The United Presbyterian and First Congregational Church.


The sanctuary seats about 425 persons and is constructed in oak with magnificent stained glass windows. The exterior is historic brick and brownstone combination. An educational building was added in 1957. The church is handicap accessible (elevator), with a state of the art amplification system and assistance for the hearing impaired.

The membership of the church is welcoming and diverse. The congregation has a balanced representation of all age groups and large numbers of children. There are programs for all ages and numerous opportunities for Christian education, mission, fellowship, ministry and social interaction.

New members are always welcome! There are two ways to become a church member: (1) affirmation of your personal faith in Jesus Christ (2) letter of transfer from another church in which you are currently a member.

You are welcome here to experience and contribute to ministry and mission in the following ways:

  • Attend worship services that provide ministry of stimulating messages with the background of both Presbyterian (USA) and United Church of Christ denominations since the merger in 1943.
  • Participate in innovation and tradition that go hand in hand to provide multiple ways for members to fulfill the individual desire to study, learn, and put the teaching to practical service.
  • Strengthen your faith through a nurturing, supportive family ministry, as exemplified by;
  • Sunday services, Christian Education for youth and adults, Music ministry, Youth ministry, and Bible Study groups
  • Contribute time and talents to missions at the local, regional, denominational, and world stages. This is done through;
  • Funding world mission work of both denominations, Hands-on mission and education locally or internationally, Facilities, financial, and personal support of innovative agencies of similar missions, and Funding of youth-related activities
  • Contribute your expertise in governance to assure sustainability, including: Session, Stewardship, Finance, Building and Grounds, Personnel, Endowment Fund, Womens Association, Staff Team.
  • Fellowship opportunities in a committed and friendly congregation.