Christmas Play 2017

Wow!  What an excellent performance put on by the children of our church.  I am so blessed to have so many talented young children to work with.  Thank you so much to all the children who participated.  Their families were so supportive in bringing them to what, I sure, seemed like very long practices to them.  We had so many helping hands, They were like Secret Santas to me.  Thank you all so much for helping with the stage, costumes, snacks, and clean-up.

An extra special thank you to Ernie Bliss for working out all of our sound so you could all hear the sweet voices of our children.  Another special thank you to Diana Mann for her talent in teaching our kids all the music and to Katherine Swanson as well for her work with the children on the bells.

Special thanks to Andrew and Sally MacGregor for taking seven students to the Planet Wisdom youth conference, an uplifting and spiritual experience for all who attended.

Dates to Remember

December 31st – There will be Sunday School.  It is Bible-Buck Sunday. so I hope you all come.  We are hoping to get families to come to World of Wheels and go roller-skating with us.

January 17th – This is an early release Wednesday.  Come see what we have in store for the kids, 2:00pm – 4:00pm.

I am looking forward to the year ahead.
Happy New Year!

Jill Zifko, Inter-Generational Ministry Coordinator