Earth Care Committee – Creation Care Store

Our church now has a Creation Care Store, featuring some products that have a reduced impact on the planet. The Earth Care Committee has been working on this idea for a number of months. One of the objectives of the committee is to reduce the impact of our church on the environment. Many products we use in our daily lives can have a cumulative, negative effect on the earth over time. Plastics have been identified as material that can last for hundreds of years in the environment, never really degrading into benign material. They essentially stay with us forever. We can all do our part to lower our impact on God’s Creation. For example, the store offers shampoo bars instead of shampoo in a plastic bottle that is discarded. The plastic bottle might be recycled, or more likely, end up in a landfill. We have dryer balls for sale as an alternative to dryer sheets. Just throw them in the dryer and forget about them. They last for many loads. Bamboo toothbrushes are also in our store. Once no longer in use, they can be composted. No plastic to discard.

There are other products in our new store which is located in the hallway outside of the Fellowship Hall dining area. Come, take a look!