From the Desk of Intergenerational Ministry – July 2018

Summer Sunday School Programming
(Please see monthly calendar for list of additional events.)

July 16 – 20 Vacation Bible school. Information in the packets that were sent home.
August 5 – 10 Camp Horstick at Crosswoods camp in Delta. Search Camp Horstick on Facebook
August 12 Church family day at Copper Falls: hike and swim. We will leave right after church. Pack a lunch, bring water bottles and swim gear. State park sticker needed for park entry or pay the daily use fee.
August 7 Teachers Sunday school prep meeting and BBQ at the Manse, 4:00 p.m.
August 14-22 Senior high youth trip to North Dakota.
September 9 Sunday school open house and registration, 9:00 a.m.
Contact: Jill Zifko at church or at 715-209-8460. Intergenerational Ministry Coordinator.
You can also message me on Facebook with any questions you may have. I hope you are all having a great summer

Hello, Church Family,
This has been a tremendous year. Here are some of the Highlights:
Sunday school and intergenerational highlights:
Rock Hill Community School in Africa
Our students had the opportunity to meet Patty Anglin, Executive Director of Rock Hill Community School in Africa. They learned so much about how the children there live. Since Patty’s visit to UPCC, the youth continue to work to foster a more loving relationship with the students at the school. We sent 15 hand-sewn pencils bags with Patty Anglin as she travels back to Africa this summer to meet with the students. This is such a wonderful opportunity for global friendship.
Genesis sponsorship
Our students have worked closely with the Women’s Association to create a deeper relationship with Genesis, the child they sponsor in Honduras. We have mailed her a birthday card and letters this year. We have also received letters in return. We look forward to watching her grow with us.
Nursing home visits
We were only able to visit the nursing home once this year, but we are looking at ways to improve our relationship with members of our church who are in nursing homes. We welcome any ideas on how we can stay more connected with those members of our church

For our church family
This year we have tried very hard to create an environment where our young people take interest in and care for their entire church family. We created more opportunities for them to sing during worship and alongside the adult choir. The young people sponsored a Valentine’s Day dinner for the church, helped decorate our Christmas tree, and performed a Christmas play. Most of all these young children have brought joy and laughter into our hearts.
Early release days
We have sponsored a dozen inter-generational activities during the past school year, from learning ping pong with Wayne Mercer to soap making, card making, nursing home visits, sewing baby hats for newborns, chalkboards, mosaics, and so much more. This is our second year hosting after school programs, and we look forward to continuing this in the future. We welcome anyone who would like share their talents with young children. We would love to see more activities for our teenage students as well. Ideas? Please share!
Mother’s Day tree
Mother’s Day was so special to me this year as I watched each of you take time to share your mother with us.
4th of July parade
We had our first 4th of July float last year, and we look forward to having another one this year. Our theme this year is Noah’s Ark (due to all the flooding this year). I can’t wait to see the final float! Ways you can feel connected if you aren’t able to participate in the parade: help us decorate, donate candy for the kids to throw, donate snacks or beverages for the float participants, donate money to help with candy and decorations, and cheer us on when you see the float. Pray for us!

A moment of gratitude
I know that there are so many of you who work behind the scenes to keep our church running smoothly. Our church thanks you!

Pastor Deters – Thank you for your spiritual leadership and guidance through the sometimes difficult phases of transition. You and your family have been a blessing to our church family. We look forward to the years to come.
Kate Bernardo, Church Administrative Assistant – This is a job so many of us take for granted. I am amazed at all of the things you have to do from scheduling, producing bulletins and newsletters, mailings, bank deposits, and I am sure so much more. Somehow you manage to do this while taking phone calls and greeting visitors.
Nancy Dufek, Diana Mann, and Marian Penn, music staff. We are so very grateful for your leadership and music throughout the year.
Katherine Swanson, Treasurer – With Katherine, we know our books are getting done right because of her amazing attention to detail and strong desire to create a system of financial success for our church family.
Cindy Beilfuss, Housekeeping – Please take time to thank Cindy Beilfuss who dedicated nine years to keeping our church clean and looking great. We wish her well in her new job.
Joe Schultz, Maintenance – We will miss all of the wonderful things you have done for our church.

Seija Anderson, Connie Cogger, Becky Deters, Cheryl Drevlow, Alissa Hulstrand, Seth Johnson, Jocelyn Langholz, Becca Nelson, Eileen Van Pernis, Chuck Whiting, Julie Whiting
Substitutes: Peggy Hoffman, Kat Roman

Early release days activity hosts: Kate Bernardo, Connie Cogger, Cheryl Drevlow, Alissa Hulstrand, Wayne Mercer, Rose Spieler, Eileen Van Pernis

Session Committees
Worship & Member Care: Bea Hayen, Pete Mann, Anne Wickman, Victoria York
Christian Education Committee: Pastor Deters, Cheryl Drevlow, Anna Dufford, Katherine Swanson, Eileen Van Pernis, Jill Zifko
Mission, Environment & Social Justice: Kim Bro, Dale Despard, Alissa Hulstrand
Facilities & Grounds: Pastor Deters, Bob Drevlow, Toby Griggs, Robert Mahnke, Roxanna Turner, Pete Whitten
Fellowship & Social Events: Julie Radke, Anne Wickman
Personnel: Russ Fish, Bea Hayen, Keith Hilts
Stewardship: Kim Bro, Pastor Deters, Clyde Eilo, Chuck Gottschall, Katherine Swanson, Paul Van Pernis, Betty Yankee Kim Bro, Pastor Deters, Chuck Gottschall, T. Jay Jones, Paul Van Pernis
Corporation: Kim Bro, Russ Fish, Pete Mann, Katherine Swanson
Altar Guild: Pastor Deters, Chuck Gottschall, Jane Kulbacki, RoAnn Ledin, Vicki York, Roxanna Turner, Julia Waggoner, Kat Whitten, Anne Wickman
Bible study leaders: Ernie Bliss, Pastor Deters, Bea Hayen, Andrew MacGregor, Marian Penn, Victoria York
Building & grounds beautification: Bob and Cheryl Drevlow, We just love all of the flowers and the displays in our Vaughn entrance.
Children’s chat scheduler: Sara Heisler. We are so grateful to all those who spent time chatting with our young children.
Choir: Lynn Adams, Linda Baily, Ernie and Myra Bliss, Kim Bro, Tim and Jenny Delnay, Bob Drevlow, Elaine Kirke, Don Kulbacki, Robert Mahnke, Pete and Diana Mann, Becca Nelson, Sharon Ouellette, Julie Radke, Pat Sheils, Ruth Smith, Sheila Urling, Victoria York, Julia Waggoner
Sound system: Ernie Bliss, Chuck Gottschall, Eli Schue, John Urling, Brian Zifko, and sound system and security system installation volunteers, Ernie Bliss and Lee Bernardo.
Women’s Association: Kay Despard, Carol Eder, Jan Tomlinson-Erickson, Bea Hayen, RoAnn Ledin, Kat Whitten, Victoria York
Newsletter: Proofing and Layout: Julia Waggoner, Lynn Adams

A special thank you to all of you who have been our Sunday bakers, coffee hour hosts, lay readers, greeters and ushers, special musicians and singers.

We all deserve a round of applause for sticking through the rough patches, praying for growth, and sharing our love and talents with each other. Your smiles and generosity astound me. You are all so integral to the success of our church. I pray that our church family is beginning to feel the changes that are among us. I know I can already see the strength and love coming from everyone as we evolve into our new identity as an intergenerational church family of God. I believe it is the way God meant for us to be. We should be proud of the obstacles we have had to overcome to get us to this point. I look forward to serving our church family in the year to come. May God bless your summer and your families.

Jill Zifko,
Intergenerational Ministry Coordinator