From The Pastor – December 2023

Call of Advent you ask? Well, I am glad you did.

If we are serious about this Journey with Christ, we find that we continue to grow in character and faith. No matter our age, or status, growth continues. Actually, suspect the growth accelerates in our golden years. Each year, we can anticipate new discoveries of God’s grace for you and your loved ones. That is part of what Advent is about. Not that we pretend Jesus is born for the first time again, but that with all God has taught you about faith, hope and love, more remains, as if you are meeting God for the first time.

God is ever merciful. God always respects your space. So, God waits patiently for you to invite God into your life deeper. So, Advent is a time of intentional spiritual growth. Therefore, spend some time in gratitude. Giving thanks always pays big dividends. Also, spend time in scripture study and prayer. Ask questions about what you discover there. Scripture has revealed God’s love and constancy to us for generations. Spend some time in service. When we serve others, not only are we the hands of God but we tend to receive more in growth and encouragement than we give.

Advent is also a time of traditions old and new. All these traditions lead to us to be so busy that we miss a lot of the grace and maybe all the peace. So, make intentional choices about this holiday season. Choose the traditions you keep and the ones you make good memories. Make room for yourself this year. Give yourself the gift of time, and be sure you spend time for your own peace while you are discovering and sharing grace.

What is the Call of Advent? We hear it in the echoes of generations of peoples throughout the globe with their needs, wants, and desires. Their hurts and healing combined with the aspirations for peace and reconciliation reverberate in those verses from Isaiah and choruses from Handel. The Call of Advent is the hope that God will yet all things new. We find that hope in the cries of a baby, born for all peoples.

Merry Christmas
Pastor Jim