Happy Easter Church Family!

I hope you have all enjoyed the Lenten Banners presented by our Sunday school classes. Be sure to compliment a teacher and student for their hard work in making this happen. It takes a lot of courage  for these young children to speak in front of an entire congregation. We are very proud of them.

Our young children have so much to learn about God’s purpose for them. Through Lent we try to teach them a bit more about that purpose. Three big challenges have been placed before our students this year. Their first challenge came from Patty Anglin, Executive Director of Acres of Hope, Rock Hill Community School. After speaking to our students about how many of her students only get one meal a day and how many of them must break large rocks into pebbles in order to earn money to pay for food, she challenged them to try skipping a meal or a snack.

Our students’ second challenge comes every week. Each week inside a plastic Easter egg is a suggested random act of kindness. The children pick an egg and then perform that act of kindness, expecting nothing in return. Sometimes it is a simple thank you, other times they have to pray for someone, other times they may need to forgive someone. All of the challenges are easy and fun ways to teach them that they don’t have to wait until they get older in order to change the world around them.

Our children are also being challenged to go outside our church walls and hand out random-acts-of- kindness cards, starting at the Ashland Chamber Easter Egg Hunt. Keep your eyes open: they may find you too!

We continue to look for new and exciting ways for our young people to connect with the adults in our church, community, and globally. In March we made Easter baskets for our friends in the nursing homes. We have also started holding a Mission Sunday once a month. This is a time for them to reconnect with students in Africa and write letters to our friend in Honduras.

I am always looking for ways that we can better connect with each other. If you have any ideas you would like to see happen, please let me know.

Upcoming Events
April 11, 2018 Painting with Cheryl: 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
April 25th, 2018 Weaving with Connie: 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Go be a blessing to others.

Jill Zifko,
Intergenerational Ministry