Honduras Mission Update

Kim having some fun with us at the church Birthday Party!


Kim B. just returned from a trip to Honduras to assure that the church mission funds properly transferred into the project bank account and that work is underway to provide elementary students at twelve schools with access to clean water and sanitation. By working in collaboration with the Ashland Rotary Club, our church’s $2,000 contribution leveraged $10,000 in Rotary funding toward a project costing $107,000. With the help of communities in Minnesota, Idaho, Canada, and Honduras, all the necessary funds have been raised and are in place. Parent volunteers in Honduras already are digging trenches for the concrete foundations for toilets and washing stations. The Santa Barbara, Honduras Rotarians, working with each community, expect to complete installation this year.

Think about the benefit of preventing intestinal diseases in Honduran students and encouraging them to stay in school. Providing access to clean water, sanitation, and basic education is a critical element of promoting sustainable communities in rural Honduras. Kim also visited two mountain communities where Latin America Rotary Aid funded major water supply projects. One in El Diviso was constructed twenty years ago and another in Buena Vista was constructed ten years ago. Both projects are still working, and they contributed to further growth of their communities.

Thanks to our church for its support and collaboration  to help our brothers and sisters in Central America. To learn more about these projects and see pictures, go to http://AshlandWiRotary.blogspot.com