Inter-generational Ministry – February 2019

Happy-God-loves-you Month

Glory B. hosted a ceramics class for our students during their early release day from school. She has been working with ceramics for over 50 years and shared her talent with our students. Thank you.

I hope you are all feeling the love after our First Annual Birthday Sunday.  Birthdays are such a fun time to celebrate the unique gifts God has given us.  Continue to bless the the world with your
wonderful gifts and talents. Open your hearts to receiving the gifts and love others want to share with you.  It is God’s way of telling us we are LOVED!

I look forward to hosting our 2nd Annual Valentine’s Day dinner, hosted by our Sunday school students for our entire congregation. Last year we had so much fun getting ready to serve   I just love giving kids the chance to be the givers of love. You are all such excellent receivers which makes their giving so fun and rewarding. We hope you will all join us again this year on Wednesday, February.13th at 5:30pm in the dining room..

Last month, we hope you enjoyed reading about what is happening in the 6th and 7th grade Sunday school class.  This month we are featuring the 8th and 9th grade class in the newsletter. We also hope that you are enjoying the teacher/class lead Children’s Chat.  Keep you eyes open, the kids will also be singing for you on February 10th during Children’s Chat. Our love for God and our church family grows a little more each year.  Sharing all that we are learning and doing is our way of thanking you all.

On February 3rd, our Sunday School Students will be heading over to Golden Living to spend some time with our friends there.  If there is anyone special there that you would like us to give an extra blessing too, please let me know.

Have a February filled with the many loving gifts God.

Jill Zifko