Inter-generational Ministry – January 2019

Fun Holiday projects created by our kids on Early Release day on December 6th! Fun was had by all! Thank you to Cheryl Drevlow and Connie Cogger for their additional support!

Happy New Year, Everyone!

I am looking forward to another exciting year of new friendships and new ideas. Here are a couple of new ideas I came up with that I thought you might find fun and interesting. To start us off, we are adding a new section to our newsletter. This year I have asked the teachers to take turns putting together a little article that shares with us the wonderful things they are doing with their Sunday school students. I hope you find this to be enjoyable.

Second, I am planning our first all-church birthday party. The birth of Jesus brings us hope, love, peace, and joy. I believe that through the birth of each of you, His hope, love, peace, and joy is renewed. It is through us that His miracles are performed every day. I saw so much of this evidenced as we prepared for Christmas. I look forward to you joining us for some birthday celebrating and a little of my own surprise flair for us all. The birthday party is scheduled for January 20, 2019 following church service in the dining room.

I am writing this in December, and our roller skating party has not yet taken place but will over the Christmas break. It will be our second year going as a group to the World of Wheels Skating rink. We have a lot of new faces this year, so it will be fun to get together as families outside of church.

Speaking of new faces, just before December we had two new families join us. Be sure to welcome them and their children: Jake and Janna Levings (Noah, Elden, Finn) and Adam and Katie Kacvinsky (Kaleb, Sydney).

Our Christmas program this year was done so well. I am grateful to Katherine Swanson for creating this year’s performance in conjunction with her daughters. I truly enjoyed watching her calm style when working with the kids. Special thanks to Janna Levings for putting
together some great costumes for the kids and to Lindsey Stadler for taking pictures for us.

I have been sprucing up the nursery a bit, now that we have four infants coming to church. Feel free to take a peek. This year we are taking more time to also showcase the children’s artwork on the walls. It really makes our halls feel alive. We welcome you to come over anytime.

May God bless your new year with unlimited abundance and love.

Jill Zifko