Inter-generational Ministry – October 2018

Hello, Church Family,

Fall is here and so are the many faces we have missed over the summer months.  There are also many new faces this fall, so take a look around and introduce yourself.
Welcoming in new people is such a lovely sign of our church changing with the colors of the leaves.

With the leadership of Kate Bernardo, we are able to offer our Happy Card Makers Club again this year.  We had 10 cheerful girls happily chatting away as they made cards for people in nursing homes and for new infants. We reminisced about the time we spent delivering Easter
baskets and cards to our friends at the nursing homes.  We shared with them our losses in the past few months since then.  It warmed my heart to hear one of the girls say “We made it their best Easter.” It is moments like this that remind me why intergenerational ministry is so important for all of us.

Next month we will be making and selling potholders to help us raise money for a new kitchen stove.  These kids are just amazing.  We would love to see more projects
designed for some of our young boys.  Here are a couple of ideas of things I would love to see happen: learn to make Christmas wreaths to hang around the church, teach new teen drivers how to care for a vehicle, how to play pool, how to tie a tie, offer a retreat for young men and male elders, just to list a few.  So if you have any of these talents and would love to share them, please let me know.  Your payment is the tremendous gift of knowing you helped shape the future of our church family, and perhaps in return they will have enriched your life as well.

Up and Coming in October

5th – 7th Fall Colors and Cranberries Camping at Moon Beach

7th 9:00 am   Sunday school classes — 3rd-5th grade children’s chat

10th 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm  Early release program — making potholders with Connie Cogger

13th Noon – 5pm  Volunteer for Whistle Stop

14th 9:00 am   Sunday school sings during
service  Jr high students usher, Sr high students help with Harvest Dinner

24th                    2pm -4pm  Early release – Halloween
party set-up. 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Halloween party/church dinner

28th 9:00 am   Sunday school classes visit
nursing home  6th and 7th grade Children’s Chat