On-Line Worship Services to Continue Through October

Members of Session continue to be aware of the desire of members of the church congregation to meet together for Sunday services and deliberated over the resumption of services at its August meeting.  The governing body of the church considered the desire of resuming in-person worship while weighing the risks to our community of faith by congregating together.  Although August was deemed a target for resumption of in-person services, Session believes it wise to delay meeting in person until the consequences of the reopening of area public schools for the fall semester are known.  Concern was heard on whether the reopening of schools would increase the spread of COVID-19 in the community and Session desired to wait and see what effect the resumption of classes will have.  Session encourages members to keep in contact with the church, friends, and neighbors by joining one of the several small groups that have been established for fellowship and study.  Contact the church office for additional information.

While Session understands that the decision will be disappointing to some members of our congregation, it is also aware of media accounts of the spreading of the contagion in areas of the country in which groups have once again started to congregate, including several
involving communities of faith.  Our congregation consists of many individuals considered to be within the high-risk groups for catching COVID-19.  Session believes it has a responsibility to the members and friends of the congregation to err on the side of caution and
protect the safety of those who worship together.