Women’s Association News – September 2018

In September, we will be hosting the cluster meeting of women from Presbyterian and UCC churches in our northeast area. The cluster meeting will be on Thursday, September 20, from 10 a.m. until about 2 p.m., with a break for lunch. The theme is mission, and we are planning on displays of mission projects from the different churches, as well as a program of different mission outreach. We urge all women of our church who are able to plan to attend. The fall meeting is always energizing and fun.

We still have lap robe kits available to be taken home and sewn. We would like to schedule delivery to the nursing home residents sometime later this fall, so if you can help with sewing one or two, it would be appreciated.

Our treasurer, Bea Hayen, has relocated to Minnesota, and we welcome and thank Myra Bliss for taking over the position.

Remember our Holiday Bazaar, which will be on December 1 this year, and be thinking about crafts, baking, and helping out. Before you know it, the time will be here.

The Circles will begin meeting on Sept. 17. Mary Martha meets in the afternoon and Deborah in the evening for fellowship and Bible study. We urge any women interested to join us.

Women’s Circles
What happens at a Circle meeting? A snack and visit time, a short business meeting, and Bible study. During the business meeting we check in on the current mission work we are doing.

How does the Bible study work? We have two Circles in our church – Mary-Martha and Deborah. Both Circles do the same Bible study simultaneously. We use the Horizons Bible Study, which is put out by the Presbyterian Women each year. It has nine lessons, one for each month that we meet, September through May. Both Circles meet on the third Monday of the month. Mary-Martha at 1:00 at the church, and Deborah at 7:00 at Marian Penn’s at 113 – 11th Ave. East. Newcomers are welcome at any time, but the study starts in September. You can find out more about Presbyterian Women at www.presbyterianwomen.org

Horizons Bible Study 2018-2019
Giddy-up y’all! Get up! Get ye up, ladies, and join this year’s Women’s Circle Bible Study. This year’s study is titled God’s Promise: “I am with you. I will never leave you, nor forsake you.” We are the unforsaken. Since “The Unforsaken” sounded a little too much like a western movie, they decided to go with the title, “I Am with You.” Giddy-up is just another way of saying, “Arise, shine!”
In this study we will see anew how God offered these words of profound comfort and commitment to individuals and communities from the time of the patriarchs to that of the prophets; from the judges to the kings; be-fore, during, and after the exile; into the New Testament and beyond, to the end of the age. God is with us in our discouragement, in our uncertainty, through our trials, and wherever we are.