Youth Group News – 8/6/2019

The Recap

Last week we met in the fellowship hall for supper.  Why downstairs?  Cuz there are not enough chairs in the youth kitchen!  Tacos always seem to go over well. Thank you to Dominic for making several pitchers of lemonade, Marcus for helping everyone find things and the Deters’ Kids for doing the dishes.  And, thank you to everyone else who helped put stuff out and clean up.  Email Pastor Jim if there is something you would like to have for supper.

In our conversation, we talked about what we can say on Sunday in church.  The question is, “what did you learn about God?”  Luke 19 was the first Bible passage that we shared in worship.  It’s the story of Zacchaeus and how Jesus sought him.  It is also the story of how Zacchaeus sought out Jesus.  So, how has Jesus sough you?  How have you sought Jesus?  Tell me next week when we meet on August 14.

After Tacos and our talk, we went for a walk to the Lake.  The weather was perfect. I hope to do more of that.

Looking ahead

No youth August 7th as Pastor Jim will be on vacation.  We will have a regular meeting on the 14th.  And, August 28th will be an end of Summer bonfire at Mazlowski beach for the Senior High.

Local Mission Trip- August 9th

What to use some of the new spirit we found at Triennium for a good purpose?  What to help a neighbor in need?  What to raise some funds for the Mission Trip next summer?  Do we have the thing for you!

Let’s help a church member move her parents out of their house!  She will give us money for the mission trip!!!  We will meet at the church at 9 on August 9th and drive to Duluth.  We will move furniture and fill a dumpster.  Pam has even offered to feed us!

What: Local Mission Trip
When: August 9, 2019
Who:   All High Schoolers (feel free to bring a friend!)
Cost:   Nuthin- this is a fund-raiser for the Youth Groups Mission trip!!!
Transportation:         Provided!

Meet at the UPCC      parking lot at 9:00 am. Pickup your loved ones at the same location.            We plan to return between 5pm and 6pm.

Additional things to consider/remember:
Wear clothes for the weather.
Wear shoes that will keep your feet safe.
Bring gloves to protect your hands.
Let’s be part of God’s blessing to this family and have a fun time!!!!

Junior High Youth Group Kick Off- August 14

Young Ladies and Gentlemen,
We are kicking off our new and improved Junior High Youth Group on August 14.  Let’s meet at 5:00 at Mazlowski beach for fun, games and a BONFIRE!!!  That’s right, we will roast hot-dogs and make S’mores.  After our Devotion we will send you home at 6:30 to rest up for the NEXT DAY!!!

Please Return Email if you can make it- Junior High People!!!

Valleyfair- August 15

Looking for a fun filled adventure your teens can have with their friends and neighbors? Look no further; Pioneer Parish of Superior and the Presbyterian-Congregational Church of Ashland have you covered!

Please join us on our Valleyfair Trip for a day that is sure to be memorable!

What: Valleyfair day trip
When: August 15, 2019
Who:   All Middle and High Schoolers (feel free to bring a friend!)
Cost:   $30 and Spending money
Transportation:         Provided!
Meet at the UPCC      parking lot at 5:30 am. Pickup your loved ones at the same location.            We plan to return between 10pm and 11pm.
Contact person:         Jim Deters
Additional things to consider/remember:
¨ Lunch is not provided, remember to consider this when planning spending money.
¨ There is a waterpark! Remember a swimming suit and towel if you plan to enjoy these rides!
¨ August is still summer! Don’t forget summer appropriate gear like sunglasses, hats, sunscreen, bug spray. Check the weather in Shakopee to prepare for potential issues like rain, heat, wind, etc. and dress appropriately.

Please email me if you can make it!!!


Sea Kayak Trip

SO, let’s have some fun and enjoy this beautiful place God put us in.  Best way to do that??? Kayak the Sea Caves!!!  The cost will be $63 per person and we need you money and permission slip by August 14.  Please contact Jim Deters directory.


What: Kayaking the Apostle Island Sea Caves
When: August 20, 2019
Who:               All youth 14 and up (feel free to bring a friend!)
Cost:               $63- needs to be in the Pastor’s paws by August 14
Transportation:         Provided!

The Plan: Gather at UPCC at 10:00 am and drive to Trek and Trail in Bayfield.  Get fitted out with a boat and some helpful training.   Then, spend the rest of the Day paddling through the Apostle Island Sea Caves.

Long Range Trip Exploration:

A Senior High Trip to Camp Guacio in Puerto Rico continues to be a possibility. We have a group of adult chaperones who are willing to shepherd a trip. We are in a holding pattern until the Presbytery Council meeting.  At that meeting we will Pastor Jim will pitch the plan for Presbytery Support.  We will keep you informed!